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Process Innovation

We Create Value for Fiber Optic, Cable Assembly Manufacturers Through Innovative Technology and Process Support 

Media & Press Updates

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Connected Fibers Awarded Global Distributor of the Year at OFC 2023 by Data-Pixel

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North American

Sales and Support for Data-Pixel

Process Innovation through Technology & Support

Connected Fibers creates value through reliable service, innovative technology and cost effective processes for our customers to produce quality and reliable fiber optic cable assemblies while improving delivery and through-put.


Process innovation through equipment and processes for the fabrication of fiber optic cable assemblies and devices.

  • Epoxy Dispensing

  • Curing Ovens

  • Benchtop Cleavers

  • Polishing Equipment

  • Test & Measurement Systems

  • Interferometers


Process Innovation through Our Advanced Business Support Systems including Customer Service, Inventory Control, Logistics, and Procurement.  We strive for on time delivery when it matters most.

  • Polishing Films

  • Epoxy & Syringes

  • Cleaning Consumables

  • Tools for Cable Prep

Industries Served

Process Innovation Realized Across a Broad Range of Production Tooling for the Next Generation of Fiber Optic Applications

We support a large array of applications, whether it's Fiber-to-the-Chip (Silicon Photonics) to High Density 400G Data-Center, or Harsh Environment we have production tooling and materials to support the manufacturing process of your cable assemblies and devices.

Density LC in Data Center.jpeg
Oil&Gas Shipboard.jpeg
Surgical Lasers SMA or FCA.jpeg
Aicraft Carrier Drone.jpeg
Telecom Connector Montage.jpeg
5G Cell Towers.jpeg
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