Connected Fibers has long been committed to offering cutting edge solutions to cable assembly manufacturers. Our customers are seeking technology and process support that improves connector quality and reliability, as well as lowering their manufacturing costs. Industry leading companies rely on Connected Fibers to help them maintain a competitive advantage with quality driven solutions and efficient processes. We partner with our customers and build strong relationships through excellence in technical support, delivery and customer service. These ideals are the Connected Fibers way.













The fibersect rapidly removes the epoxy and fibers of all ferrules and connectors, including MPO/MTP® ferrules and single fiber connectors and ferrules.

With a simple push of a button and a 1- 4 second cycle time the fibersect increases throughput, by reducing the number of  steps in the polishing process  and helps eliminate issues such as core cracking that may be caused by hand cleaving or scribing.

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 New Curing Ovens



Connected Fibers is excited to announce the release of the 1Cure-VS and 1Cure-VI vertical curing ovens.The 1Cure series epoxy ovens is suitable for any production line that is looking for efficient and controlled process for epoxy curing and creating a strong bond between the optical fiber and ferrule during the connector termination process. Using our patented fixture temperature monitoring  technology these series of ovens are the most accurate available on the market

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Connected Fibers Statement on COVID-19

Connected Fibers is committed to the safety of our customers, vendors, employees and their families.   During the COVID-19 outbreak we are following government recommendations for workplace safety.   We have implemented such measures with the least possible impact to our employees while serving our customers.  

All customer service and sales staff will be working remotely during this time to best serve our customers without any risk to themselves or other employees.  Telecommuting is a routine part of our business practices and using our cloud-based platforms and VOIP technology enables seamless support to the customer.  As well, our capabilities of remote online support and demonstrations allow us to virtually help customers through remote sessions and video conferencing methods until normal travel guidelines are restored.  

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D-Scope MT


The latest D-SCOPE MT microscope for MTP/MPO connectors is the fastest on the market.
It allows to verify the compliance of the optical fiber surface conditions individually and in the same measurement cycle to
also control the cleanliness of the connector endface and guide

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