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1Cure™ Accessories

Curing Oven Trays, Blocks and Cable Management

Connected Fibers provides a full range of accessories for a wide range of applications.  Our list of blocks, trays and cable management is ever expanding to accommodate customer requirements.  We offer solutions for curing standard telecom and data center connectors to specialty solutions for military, avionics, aerospace, broadcast, medical, oil/gas, and industrial applications.  From MPO to harsh environment we will find you a standard or custom solution.

1Cure Horizontal Curing Trays

Connected Fibers offers an array of Curing Trays that are suitable for any application where horizontal curing is preferred or essential.  The most common tray is for MT(MPO) curing.  We have both our innovative Piano Key Style and the traditional Channel type for MT's.  Horizontal curing is also ideal for 900um and bare fiber applications with a connector or bare ferrule.  The fixture and cable management will ensure the contact between the ferrule and fiber buffer.  This alleviates overnight (staged) curing of connectors.  We offer our standard trays or custom.

Part Number  Description

OVT-24-MT  Slot Style MT Curing Tray

OVT-24-MT-KEY    Piano Style MT Curing Tray

OVT-30-LC-UB  LC Uniboot Curing Tray

OVT-36-LC  LC Curing Tray

OVT-24-UNV  Universal Curing Tray for FC, SC, ST and LC Connectors

OVT-48-1.25F  48 position 1.25mm ferrule only Tray

OVT-36-LC-SG  SG Uniboot Connector Specific, (Includes 15 degree wedge)

OVT-36-LC-UB  18 position Universal LC Uniboot or 36 simplex LC connectors

OVT-24-MAG  Tray ready to accept 24 Curing Cassettes

OVT-FB  Multi-Application, Tray with Flat Base Only

OVT-22-SC-OPT  SC Fixture with no cable handling

Cable Management for 1Cure Horizontal Curing Trays

Connected Fibers offers a full range of cable management for your horizontal curing trays.   This modular system allows the user to change cable management depending on the varying cable diameters.  We have solutions anywhere from 1.6mm to 3mm, and up to 10mm.  As well, a system is offered for rigid cable applications where extra grip is needed.  Please inquire if you would like to discuss your application and how we can help create a solution.

Part Number  Description

OVC-24-3mm  24 position 3mm clamps for round cable- will accept cables up to 4.5mm

OVC-24-1.6-3mm  24 position v-groove holder for 1.6mm to 3mm cables

OVC-36-1.6-3mm  36 position v-groove holder for 1.6mm to 3mm cables

OVC-24-5mm  24 Position cable management bar with clips for 5mm cables

OVC-24-FDC  24 Position Flat Drop Cable

OVC-18-5.5  2 x 18 position 5.5mm clips

Curing Blocks

Curing Blocks are Sold Separately.     We offer a variety of choices for universal blocks for 2.5mm and 1.25mm ferrules (LC, SC, FC, MU, ST) and others such as Mil/Aero Termini and SMA.  Our blocks are Made in the USA and made of high quality metal composition that holds temperature evenly and provides a very good thermal mass to keep temperatures stable.

Part Number  Description

OVB-24  24 Port Universal Block (FC,SC,LC,ST,MU,2.5mm,1.25mm) for use with metal fiber protection sleeves

OVB-24-UB-PLA  24 Ports (Uniboot) - OFS-TE Style for Large Dia. for use with plastic fiber protection sleeves (12 Uniboot)

OVB-20-UB  20 Ports for Uniboot LC for use with metal fiber protection sleeves

OVB-20-PFP  20 Port Universal Block (FC,SC,LC,ST,MU,2.5mm,1.25mm) for use with plastic fiber protection sleeves

OVB-30  30 Port Universal Block (FC,SC,LC,ST,MU,2.5mm,1.25mm) for use with metal fiber protection sleeves

OVB-36  36 Port Universal Block (FC,SC,LC,ST,MU,2.5mm,1.25mm) for use with metal fiber protection sleeves

OVB-009-29504  32 Position Block for M29504/4 and M29504/5 termini

Cable Management Arm for Vertical Curing with Oven Blocks

The cable arm pairs perfectly with all 1Cure models. Made from steel for durability and stability. Additional retainer bars can be purchased separately.  The heavy base allows for the stable and rigid handling of even heavier cables.  This freestanding cable arm is designed for the base to fit underneath any AccuCure and 1Cure oven and allow for easy routing of cables.

Part Number  Description

ASC-1000-200  Cable Management Arm

Curing Cassettes and Fiber Protection Oven Sleeves

Our re-usable, oven protection sleeves and curing cassettes fit all industry standard connectors and will protect the exposed fiber during the epoxy curing process.   The ferrule of the connector is inserted into the protection sleeve prior to inserting the fiber.  This product makes curing connectors safer for the operator, and easier to handle, and will protect your fiber during termination.

Using curing cassettes you are able to cure all uncrimped connectors and termini including the latest VSFF duplex and VSFF multi-fiber connectors available in the market.  Curing cassettes keep all components together during difficult handling without the use of a crimp.  This is ideal for 900um fiber terminations or any application that does not have a mechanical crimp prior to curing. It alleviates the necessity of staged (overnight) curing.  We are able tailor curing cassettes to any custom application.  Curing cassettes may or may not be used in conjunction with fiber protection sleeves and can accommodate a variety of ferrule diameters and boot sizes.

Part Number  Description

FPEC125  Fiber protection sleeves for 1.25mm connectors and ferrules

FPEC250  Fiber protection sleeves for 2.5mm connectors and ferrules

FP-SMA  Fiber protection sleeves for SMA 3.17mm connectors

FP-2  Fiber protection Sleeves for 2mm termini such as Lemo F2 for SMPTE

FP-1.6  Fiber protection sleeves for 1.6mm termini such as M29504/4

CAS-1.25-2-IC  Seikoh Giken Intelli-Cross® Pro LC Uniboot Connector

CAS-EZF-2  Senko EZ-FLIP® Connector 2mm

CAS-EZF-3  Senko EZ-FLIP® Connector 3mm

CAS-2F-BC-900-S  Canare 2mm ferrule  900um shortened

CAS-1.25-1.6  1.25 mm ferrules (extra room for springs)

CAS-4-2.5-900  2.5mm ferrule no hub 900um fiber

CAS-2.5-OPTI-900  2.5mm SC ferrule for OptiTap®

CAS-2.5-3-900  2.5mm ferrule with 900um fiber

CAS-F-SSC-3  Curing cassette for Senko 3mm shuttered SC

CAS-MDC-1.8  For USConec MDC: ELiMENT® brand Very Small Form Factor (VSFF)

with clip to retain springs

CAS-CS-2  Senko CS® Very Small Form Factor (VSFF) Connector 2mm  

CAS-SN-1.6  Senko SN® Very Small Form Factor (VSFF) Connector 1.6mm Cable- Ferrules

CAS-SN-MT  Senko SN®-MT Very Small Form Factor (VSFF) Connector

And Many More - Inquire with Details

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Made in the USA

The 1Cure Series of Ovens is Designed and Manufactured by Connected FIbers at our facility in Roswell, a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia.

1Cure™, 1Cure VO™, 1Cure VS™, 1Cure VI™ and 1Cure TSC™ are Trade Marks of Connected Fibers, LLC.

Intelli-Cross® Pro LC Uniboot Connector is a registered trademark of Seikoh Giken Co., Ltd.  For more information visit

EZ-FLIP®, CS®, SN® , SN®-MT are registered trademarks of Senko Advanced Components.  For more information visit

MDC: ELiMENT® brand is a registered trademark of USConec.  For more information visit

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