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Automatic Polisher with Pneumatic Pressure

The new Seikoh Giken SFP-550C HD Series provides high volume assemblers with an ultra ruggedized polisher for 24/7/365 operation. Re-designed for mechanical durability, low operational costs and reduced maintenance requirements. These features offer near zero downtime for maximum return on investment It is also fully compatible with all standard simplex and duplex form factors including LC, SC, FC, ST, MU, and LC Uniboot.


  • High-Capacity, Standard & Custom Fixtures Available

  • Applicable Types FC, SC, ST, LC, MU, D4, E2000, Ferrule Only & Pin Termini

  • Polish Types UPC, APC and Flat

  • Heat-Treated Stainless Steel Fixtures for Precision and Durability

  • I.P.C. Fixture Technology for Uniform Polishing Pressure and Results

  • Integrated Wash Station available for ergonomic and efficient cleaning processes.

  • Manual or Digital Adjustable Timer

  • Polishing Method / Speed:   1.8rpm Rotation & 100rpm Revolution (Patent #4979334) 

  • Platen Size 5 inch

  • Dimensions  9.85”  x 12” x 9.45”

  • Weight 40 lbs Power 100~120VAC, 50/60Hz 220~240VAC, 50/60Hz 


  • New Protective Coating on Platen and Support Ring prevents wear and extends service life

  • New “Pit Crew” design allows fast and simplified replacement of the pressure-post spring.

  • Polish up to 48 LC axis per load to reduce time and costs and increase throughput

  • Precision polishing to GR-326 end-face specifications

  • Suitable for cellular manufacturing system.

  • Industry accepted 5" polishing platen ensures access to proven, cost-effective polishing films that are manufactured in volume for commoditized pricing.

  • Increased turntable speed , reduces polishing time compared with the SFP-550B by 25%

Ordering Guide

Polishing Machine

Part Number  Description

SFP-560A2 , Heavy Duty Cycle Polishing Machine, Digital Timer, Main Body Unit, Power Cord, Cable Management, User Manual, 110V



Part Number  Description

IPC-P-WSH-C1  Wash Station for Mega-Axis Holders (550C/550E3/550S3)


MT-P-WH-55-B  Wide Handles for MT AND IPC Holder - Economy Type (2PCS/SET INCLUDING 4PCS OF SCREWS)

FP-RR-B  Polishing film rubber roller with hardwood handle for film placement


Polishing Fixtures

Part Number  Description

PH55-PL-24  LC/PC Fixture, 24 axis- I.P.C. type

PH55-PL-48  LC/PC Fixture, 48 axis - IPC type (Duplex Compatible)

PH55-PL8A-24  LC/APC Fixture, 24 axis- I.P.C. type

PH55-PL8A-48  LC/APC Fixture, 48 axis- I.P.C. type

PH55-CP-20  SC/PC Fixture, 20 axis- I.P.C. type

PH55-CP-32  SC/PC Fixture, 32 axis IPC type

PH55-CP8A-24  SC/APC - Step Ferrule - Fixture, 24 axis- I.P.C. type

PH55-CP8A-32  SC/APC - Step Ferrule - Fixture, 32 axis- I.P.C. type

PH55-SN-24  Senko SN/PC Connector Holder, 24 connectors/48 ferrules, IPC, snap in, circular layout

PH55-SN8A-24  SN/APC Holder, 24 connectors/48 ferrules, Snap-in, Circular Layout, IPC Type

PH55-MDC-24  IPC Holder MDC/PC, 24 connectors/48 ferrules, snap-in type, circular layout

PH55-MDC8A-24  IPC Holder MDC/APC, 24 connectors/48 ferrules, snap-in type, circular layout

And Many More Types Are Available - Click Below for the Full Listing

Cable Management

Part Number  Description

IPC-P-CMH-LC24  Cable Management for Cable Management for PH55-PL-24  (Single boot use)

IPC-P-CMH-LC48HP-SM  Cable Management for PH55-PL-48  (Single boot use)

IPC-P-CMH-LC48HP-U   Cable Management forPH55-PL-48  (Uniboot use)

One-lever™, D.P.C.™, and I.P.C.™ technology are Trade Marks of Seikoh Giken Co., Ltd.

Optical connector polishing equipment brought to market by Seikoh Giken in the second half of the 1980s ahead of everyone else in the world has enjoyed steady good sales growth with positive feedback from customers around the globe, thanks also to tailwinds from the expansion of optical telecommunications market. Today, this equipment enjoys the largest global market share as the world’s de facto standard.

To learn more about Seikoh Giken and their products visit for more information.

EZ-FLIP®, CS®, SN® , SN®-MT are registered trademarks of Senko Advanced Components.  For more information visit

MDC: ELiMENT® brand is a registered trademark of USConec.  For more information visit

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