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Automatic Polisher with Pneumatic Pressure and Auto-Clamping

Mass Production Polishing Machine with Dynamic Pressure Control (DPC), auto-clamping feature, and Programmable Touch-Screen Interface.  The 560A2C's DPC mode allows the control of pneumatic pressure applied for applications that benefit from continuous pressure such as MT (MPO), VSFF Duplex and Multi-fiber Connectors, and Rigid Cable Applications including Harsh Environment Termini.  It is also fully compatible with all Standard form factors including LC, SC, FC, ST, MU, and LC Uniboot.

Seikoh Giken’s SFP-560A2C has Programmable Touchscreen for storing polishing recipes including the number of steps, number of connectors, pad, film, time and pressure setting information.


SFP-A2C auto-clamp uniboot.JPG
  • New Dynamic Pressure Control Technology

  • High-Capacity, Standard & Custom Fixtures Available

  • Heat-Treated Stainless Steel Fixtures for Precision and Durability

  • Auto-Clamp Feature on the SFP-560A2C Further Automates the process

  • Programmable Touchscreen for storing polishing recipes including # steps, # of connectors, pad, film, time and pressure setting information

  • Integrated Wash Station available for ergonomic and efficient cleaning processes.

  • Dimensions W240xD370xH300 mm / W9.4xD14.5xW11.8 in.

  • Weight 22Kg / 49lbs

  • Input Voltage100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz

  • Polishing Capacity (maximum) 72

  • # of max programmable process 60 (A2, A2C)

  • # of max steps in one process 8

  • Speed of Turntable Rotation : 0.7 - 2.0rpm (A2 A2C)
    Revolution :   70 - 200rpm (A2 A2C)

  • Pressure Control 2N to 200N (Approx. 0.5 to 45lb) in DPC mode


  • Open work-space design offers creative handling solutions for Multi-Fiber, large O.D. cables

  • Dynamic Pressure Control, is ideal for MT (MPO) and other VSFF applications that benefit from the Pneumatic, Pressurized Turntable

  • IPC (Static Pressure) mode: Utilizes Independent Pressure Control from High Capacity, Polishing Fixtures for uniform pressure and results

  • Active monitoring of Speed, Pressure, and Time

  • Process programmable (up to 60 processes)

  • Data Transfer via USB Interface

  • Backwards Compatible with SFP-550 Legacy fixtures and processes

  • Suitable for cellular manufacturing system.

  • Industry accepted 5" polishing platen ensures access to proven, cost-effective polishing films that are manufactured in volume for commoditized pricing.

  • Increased turntable speed , reduced polishing time

  • All IPC fixtures are backwards compatible across with the SFP-550S, SFP-550E and SFP-550C platforms

Ordering Guide

Polishing Machine

Part Number  Description

SFP-560A2C , Pneumatic Pressurized Turntable Polishing Machine, Auto-Clamping Feature, Main Body Unit, Power Cord, Cable Management, User Manual, 110V



Part Number  Description

MT-P-WSH56-C  Washing station for SFP-560A2C / 560A2 / 560A


MT-P-WH-55-B  Wide Handles for MT AND IPC Holder - Economy Type (2PCS/SET INCLUDING 4PCS OF SCREWS)

MT-P-BLW56-B  Air Blower for SFP-560A2C / 560A2 / 560A with Spiral Hose

MT-P-BRS-B  MT polishing cleaning brush

FP-RR-B  Polishing film rubber roller with hardwood handle for film placement

FP-SCN56-A  Barcode scanner for SFP-560A2 and 560A2C

FP-PG56-CS  SFP-560A pressure calibration jig including certificate of load cell calibration

Polishing Fixtures

Part Number  Description

PH55-MT-12SQ1-B  One-Lever Polishing Fixture MT/PC, 12 positions (includes economy wide handles)

PH55-MT-24SQ1-B   One-Lever Polishing Fixture MT/PC, 24 positions (includes economy wide handles)

PH55-MT8A-12SQ1-B  One-Lever Polishing Fixture MT/APC, 12 positions (includes economy wide handles)

PH55-MT8A-24SQ1-B  One-Lever Polishing Fixture MT/APC, 24 positions (includes economy wide handles)

PH55-MT-32SQ1-B  One-Lever Polishing Fixture, MT/PC Fixture, 32 positions (includes wide handles)

PH55-MT8A-32SQ1-B  One-Lever Polishing Fixture, MT/APC Fixture, 32 positions (includes wide handles)

PH55-TMT8A-12Q  One-Lever Polishing Fixture for TMT/APC, 12 positions, Standard sized TMT Ferrule, 4.4mm epoxy window

PH55-TMT8A-24Q  One-Lever Polishing Fixture for TMT/APC, 12 positions, Standard sized TMT Ferrule, 4.4mm epoxy window

Cable Management for MT Polishing Fixtures

Part Number  Description

MT-P-CMH56-B  Cable Management Holder for SFP-560A (Screw Lock for Feeder Cable 4mm to 8mm), for 12-axis and 24-axis

MT-P-CMH56-D  Cable Management Holder for SFP-560A Slim and Tall (Spring Lock Type 2mm to 4mm Jacket) for both 12-axis and 24-axis

One-lever™, D.P.C.™, and I.P.C.™ technology are Trade Marks of Seikoh Giken Co., Ltd.

Optical connector polishing equipment brought to market by Seikoh Giken in the second half of the 1980s ahead of everyone else in the world has enjoyed steady good sales growth with positive feedback from customers around the globe, thanks also to tailwinds from the expansion of optical telecommunications market. Today, this equipment enjoys the largest global market share as the world’s de facto standard.

To learn more about Seikoh Giken and their products visit for more information.

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