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Modular Polishing Machine

The ATP-3200 offers scalability and flexibility perfect for a lab with a high product mix and low to high product volumes.  Also ideal for minimizing investment on new product introductions by having a modular system that is scalable.  The unique jig base system accommodates up to 24 inserts and you can populate with 1 to 24 connectors.  You may also mix and match inserts on the same jig which is ideal for rework, laboratory use or with a pilot line.  Each connector type must be polished with its own specific process, however, you will have flexibility to start with one or two inserts for a particular connector for either experimentation or new product introduction.  As volume increases you can add inserts of each connector type in order to scale accordingly.


  • Polishes 1 to 24 Connectors or Ferrules Using Independently Spring Pressured Inserts.

  • Modular Jig Base and Connector Insert System

  • RS232 interface for programming

  • Fixtures for MT,SC,LC,ST,FC,MU are available

  • 3 or 4 step processes

  • Application   Mass Production, Re-work, Qualification

  • Applicable Types   FC, SC, LC, MU, MT, MTP/MPO, MTRJ, Termini, Glass Ferrules, Custom

  • Capacity Scalable Up to 24 inserts per jig, 48 in total

  • Polishing Method/Speed  0 to 270rpm Rotation 10 to 600sec per one cycle back and forward (US Patent #20130331008A1)

  • Platen Size   140mm x 140mm (5.5in square)

  • Dimensions  12”w x 17”d x 11 1/2”h (in)

  • Weight  55 lbs

  • Power  AC Adapter 100 to 240v, 150w

  • Process  3 Steps for UPC; 4 Steps for APC  


  • Scalable 1 to 24 inserts per jig up to 48 inserts

  • Flexibible

  • 96 duplex connector capacity

  • Programmable

  • Individualized Polishing Track and Stroke Length for different connector and ferrule types

  • 3 or 4 step processes

  • High First Pass Yield

  • Low Cost

  • Compact size

  • Low maintenance

Ordering Guide

Polishing Machine

Part Number  Description

ATP3200-X01  ATP-3200 main body unit

  ATP3200-AZ00  Jig Base 24 Insert Capacity

ATP3000-AZ00 Jig Base 22 Insert Capacity

Featured Polishing Jigs

Part Number  Description

  ATP3000-AZ01  SC/PC Ferrule Attachment

ATP3000-AZ02  FC/PC Plug Attachment

ATP3000-AZ03  MT Ferrule Attachment

ATP3000-AZ10  FC/APC-C Plug Attachment

ATP3000-AZ14  Φ2.5mm V-groove Attachment

ATP3000-AZ15  Φ1.25mm V-groove Attachment

Featured Single Fiber Polishing Films

Part Number  Description

AAS-WA16A-R140-12  16um AAS Silicon Carbide Film, Roll type: 140mm (5.5inch)×12m (1 roll/set)

AAS-WA09A-R140-12  9um AAS Silicon Carbide Film, Roll type: 140mm (5.5inch)×12m (1 roll/set)

 AAS-DM01-R140-12  1um AAS Diamond Film(1um) Roll type: 140mm (5.5inch)×12m (1 roll/set)

ADS-NEXT-R140  ~0.5um ADS-NEXT SiO2 Final Polish Film, Roll type: 140mm (5.5inch)×12m (1 roll/set)

Featured MT (MPO) Polishing Films

Part Number  Description

AAS-GC16A-R140-12  16um Silicon Carbide Adhesive Removal Film, Roll type: 140mm (5.5inch)×12m (1 roll/set)

AAS-GC03A-R140-12  3um Silicon Carbide PPS Removal Film, Roll type: 140mm (5.5inch)×12m (1 roll/set)

AAS-RFZZA-140-140  3um Flat Polish Film, Roll type: 140mm (5.5inch)×12m (1 roll/set)

ADS-MPO-140 1um Protrusion Polish Film, Roll type: 140mm (5.5inch)×12m (1 roll/set)

AAS-RFZZA-140-140 0.5 Final Polish Film, Roll type: 140mm (5.5inch)×12m (1 roll/set)

Featured Polishing Pads

Part Number  Description

ATP3000-PF65  Framed rubber pad 65

ATP3000-PF70  Framed rubber pad 70

ATP3000-PF75  Framed rubber pad 75

ATP3000-PF80  Framed rubber pad 80

ATP3000-PF85  Framed rubber pad 85


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