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Koncentrik-V2: Connector


Koncentrik-V2 is a modular measurement system. Fiber or ferrule eccentriccity measurements can be performed using different mechanical modules. Koncentrik-V2 Connector is dedicated to eccentricity measurement of fiber core relative to ferrule envelope. The unit is able to measure the concentricity and indicate the angular value of maximum eccentricity. With the Blink software platform, Koncentrik-V2 is an easy to use measurement unit with database connectivity.


Koncentrik V2 Connector.png
  • Measures diam. 2.50 mm and 1.25 mm PC type connectors, along with 2.0mm, 1.6mm and SMA

  • APC connectors option available

  • Ferrule end-face visual inspection at x 400 magnification

  • Accurate and repeatable measurements

  • User adjustable quality level for high-speed measurements

  • Easy calibration Blink Concentricity software

  • Eccentricity measurement : reproducibility +/-0.05µm ;         Range : 0 to 100µm

  • Measurement data exported in standard CSV format

  • Statistics on measurements available

  • Measurement report in HTML format

  • Compatible with desktop PC, laptop, tablet PC


Blink Patchcord Concentricity.jpg
  • Measure concentricity to tune patchcords for low insertion loss mating (high performance)

  • Concentricity Measurements for Metal and Ceramic Ferrule Connectors

  • Large Field of View Unit available for large core fibers >500um

  • The software indicates the max eccentricity angle when rotating the ferrule

  • With the Blink software platform, Koncentrik-V2 is an easy to use measurement unit with database connectivity

  • Administrator, Technician, and Operator Modes that are configurable and password protected

Koncentrik-V2: Connector Module
Ordering Guide


Part Number  Description

70-KKFE-V2-M10-00 Koncentrik V2 Main Body Unit with Blink Concentricity, x 10 (up to 500um)

70-KKFE-V2-M04-00  Koncentrik V2 Main Body Unit with Blink Concentricity, x 4 (Large Field of View, up to 1000um)

30-MT-000938  Mount for 2.5mm and 1.25mm Holders for Patchcord Measurement

30-MT-001956  Mount for 3.17mm SMA Holders for Patchcord Measurement


Part Number  Description

30-HL-000719  Holder for patchcord 1.25mm, sleeve type

30-HL-000720  Holder for patchcord 2.50mm, sleeve type

30-HL-000724  Holder for patchcord 1.25mm, v-groove type

30-HL-000727  Holder for patchcord 1.60mm, v-groove type

30-HL-000726  Holder for patchcord 2.00mm, v-groove type

30-HL-000723  Holder for patchcord 2.50 mm, v-groove type

30-HL-000725  Holder for patchcord 3.17mm (SMA), v-groove type

Please contact us for full options as we can customize your quote for any application including larger field of view and capability for both Ferrule and Patchcord Concentricity in the same unit.

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