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Benchtop Cleaners

Seikoh Giken is a Global Supplier of Fiber Optic Cleaning Innovations

Seikoh Giken
Ferrule Pro™ SPR-3

Automatic Benchtop Cleaner

Automatic Benchtop Cleaner for MT (MPO) Ferrule Cleaning

Ferrule-Pro SPR-3.JPG

Seikoh Giken
Ferrule Pro™ SPR-2

Automatic Benchtop Cleaner

Automatic Benchtop Cleaner for Single Fiber Ferrule Cleaning


Ferrule Pro™ is a Trade Mark of Seikoh Giken Co., Ltd.

Optical connector polishing equipment brought to market by Seikoh Giken in the second half of the 1980s ahead of everyone else in the world has enjoyed steady good sales growth with positive feedback from customers around the globe, thanks also to tailwinds from the expansion of optical telecommunications market. Today, this equipment enjoys the largest global market share as the world’s de facto standard.

To learn more about Seikoh Giken and their products visit for more information.

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