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D Scope

Inspection Scope

This unique microscope combines high quality optics with a modern and ergonomic design ideally suited to fiber optic applications.  Until the D Scope, most microscopes were suffering from poor illumination quality yielding variable and non-reproducible image quality even amongst scopes of the same kind.
With Blink Automated Inspection plugin, the D Scope is able to detect and measure automatically scratches and defects compatible with Industry Standards or customized parameters.

There is also a x 400 Large Field of View (LFOV) Version for large core fibers.


  • Adaptors for all PC & APC, single or multi-fiber connectors

  • High speed USB 2.0 for live digital image

  • Deep blue long life LED light source Second stray-light source for surface cleanliness inspection (optional)

  • Ergonomic fine focus control or auto-focus feature

  • Compatible with desktop PC, laptop, tablet PC

  • Large Field of View option available for fiber core up to 1000 µm


  • D Scope family is available with magnification from x50 to x800.

  • True Koehler optical design for homogeneous lighting

  • Real time detection and analysis of surface defects with Blink software

  • Independent gain and contrast levels for fiber and ferrule regions

  • Automation capabilities USB powered - no external power supply needed

D Scope
Ordering Guide


Part Number  Description

70-DSHM-V1-A10-00  Autofocus, x 400 magnification, Blink Automated Visual Inspection

70-DSHM-V1-A10-20  Large Field of View (D Scope LFOV) Autofocus, x 400 magnification, Blink Automated Visual Inspection, for Large Core Fibers

70-DSHM-V1-M20-00  Manual focus, x 800 magnification

70-DSHM-V1-M04-00  Manual focus, x 200 magnification

70-DSLM-V1-N02-00  Manual focus, x 100 magnification


Part Number  Description

30-AD-000301  Adapter, 1.25mm, PC

30-AD-000302  Adapter, 1.25mm, APC

30-AD-000303  Adapter, 2.50mm, PC

30-AD-000304  Adapter, 2.50mm, APC

30-AD-000305  Adapter, MPO, PC

30-AD-000306  Adapter, MPO, APC

30-AD-000307  Adapter, MT Ferrule, PC

30-AD-000308  Adapter, MT Ferrule, APC

30-AD-000309  Adapter, SMA 3.17mm Ferrule

Also available are keyed adaptors for FC/APC, SC/APC, and LC/APC.

As well, universal adapters for 2.0mm and 1.6mm ferrules, SMA and LC Duplex.

Deep Learning Inside.

Artificial intelligence at the service of diagnostics

Deep Learning is a family of software that belongs to Machine Learning, itself belonging to artificial intelligence. Deep Learning software learns from a set of representative samples and then diagnoses your product using taught criteria. This continuous learning process is carried out by Data-Pixel using images of characterized defects and scratches.
With Blink Automated Inspection plugin, the D Scope is able to detect and measure automatically scratches and defects compatible with Industry Standards or customized parameters.

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