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D Scope MT Mini

Multi-fiber & Single Fiber Inspection Scope

The Dscope MT Mini is a very versatile microscope compatible with all Multi-Fiber and Single-Fiber connector types both discrete connectors and cassettes of all shapes.

Thanks to its wide field of view camera, the Dscope MT Mini allows to scan both ferrules of Duplex connectors in one shot whether it is LC Duplex or Very Smaller Form Factor connectors (CS, SN, MDC…). Both ferrule results are obtained simultaneously without having to manipulate the connector.


  • Inspection of all connector types: MT/MPO, Single Fiber, Duplex, VSFF Inspection of MPO, Single Fiber connectors and Duplex inside cassettes and modules Simultaneous inspection results of both Duplex connector ferrules

  • High resolution optics with defect size  detection < 0.5 µm

  • Automatic Pass/Fail scratch and defect  analysis on fiber optics Deep Learning inside

  • Compliance with Industry Standards as IEC 61300-3-35 ed. 3

  • Intuitive Blink software with database  connectivity

  • USB 3.0 output


  • Automatic Detection and analysis of surface defects with Blink software

  • Blink Deep Learning can be taught all types of defects indefinitely, including atypical shapes, giving this equipment unmatched capacity and detection reliability

  • Fiber screening in 3 seconds, including full ferrule view (guide-pin holes) 5 seconds

  • USB powered - no external power supply needed

D Scope MT Mini
Ordering Guide


Part Number  Description

70-DSMT-V1-A10-20  Visual Inspection D Scope MT Mini unit with 

Blink Visual Inspection MT


Part Number  Description

30-MT-004407  Mount, sliding required to measure MPO, MT, Single Fiber & Duplex discrete connectors

30-MT-002999  Mount for Flanges required to measure MPO, MT, Single Fiber & Duplex connectors

30-FL-002181  Flange MT, MT-12/24 and MT-16/32 ferrules

30-FL-003277  Flange, MPO-12/24 + MPO-16/32

30-FL-002314  Flange, PC/APC, 1.25mm, universal

Deep Learning Inside.

Artificial intelligence at the service of diagnostics

Deep Learning is a family of software that belongs to Machine Learning, itself belonging to artificial intelligence. Deep Learning software learns from a set of representative samples and then diagnoses your product using taught criteria. This continuous learning process is carried out by Data-Pixel using images of characterized defects and scratches.
With Blink Automated Inspection plugin, the D Scope MT and D Scope MT LWD  are able to detect and measure automatically scratches and defects compatible with Industry Standards or customized parameters.


Connected Fibers is the Authorized and Exclusive North American Reseller and Technical Service Center

Data-Pixel's fast growth has been primarily achieved by supplying the increasing metrology needs of the fiber optic industry with innovative solutions and superior customer support. Data-Pixel products are widely used as measurement references in all industries using fiber optic technology: Telecom, Aeronautic, Data Centers and Sensors.  For more information about Data-Pixel's Company and Products please visit

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