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DPX 360


DPX360 is a unique piece of equipment that combines a state-of-the-art interferometer and a high-resolution microscope into one powerful instrument for Multi-Fiber and Single-Fiber connectors.
DPX360 can detect defects and measure the geometry of optical fiber connectors simultaneously, with unequalled performance.
The microscope of the DPX360 uses our Blink software platform integrating an Al based Deep Learning Algorithm. The benefit of this technology is to improve very significantly the quality of defect analysis. It also allows to teach the software to recognize new defect types based on the user’s specific requirements. This process is unlimited and the software provides highly repeatable pass/fail results.


  • Combined White-Light and Red-Light phase-shifting interferometer for precise tip radius and core-dip measurement

  • Fast Autofocus that simplifies operator’s handling

  • 15 Sec. Dual Interferometer and Visual Inspection test time  for MT 12 Fibers

  • Very high accuracy and reproducibility for small X/Y angles measurements

  • Defect size detection < 0.5μm 

  • Z-scan Vibration insensitive

  • High resolution optics and camera for a better resolution

  • USB outputs

  • Powersource 12V

  • Weight (kg):9.8

  • Dimensions H x W x L (mm):139 x 249 x 263


  • Unparalleled ROI on combined interferometer and visual inspection measurement cycle time

  • With the Blink software Platform, DAISI is able to measure end face geometry on single-fiber or multi-fiber

  • The Blink software platform is the easiest way to produce customized control reports

  • Blink is a software platform common to all Data-Pixel products for easy integration

  • PDF, HTML and CSV reporting capability with extensive database support (SQL Server, MySQL, ODBC, ORACLE,…)

  • OLE automation support is available for dedicated application

DPX 360
Ordering Guide


Part Number  Description

70-D360-V1-A10-00  DPX360 interferometer and microscope for Multi-Fiber and Single-Fiber  connectors


Part Number  Description

40-AC004529  Computer NUC with US keyboard and mouse


Part Number  Description

30-FL004136  Flange MT Female, MT-12/24 ferrules and MPO connectors, with tapered pins (2 long) (12 fibers per row, 1 to 6 rows)

30-FL004137  Flange MT Female, MT-16/32 ferrules and MPO connectors, with tapered pins (2 long) (16 fibers per row, 1 to 6 rows)

30-AD004140  Adapter, PC and APC, MT bare ferrule MT-12/24 and MT-16/32 ferrules

30-AD004141  Adapter, PC and APC, MPO with housing, MPO-12/24 connectors, double key

30-AD004142  Adapter, PC and APC, MPO with housing, MPO-16/32 connectors, double key

1.25-DPX  Flange 1.25mm, manual, specific for DPX360

2.5-DPX  Flange 2.50mm, manual, specific for DPX360

For Compatible Simplex adaptors see DAISI-V3

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