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D Scope EFI

Full MT Ferrule Inspection Scope

The D Scope EFI for MTP/MPO and multi-fibers field connectors is a cost effective microscope for inspecting fiber optic patch cords.  Easy to use, the D Scope EFI allows the operator to check the cleanliness of the end-face or the guide holes  before any connection.  With the use of BLINK Deep Learning the D Scope EFI automates the cleanliness analysis of MTP / MPO connectors.


D-Scope EFI.png
  • Inspection of PC/APC MTP/MPO connectors

  • Field connectors and MT ferrules

  • Real time full connector end-face view

  • High resolution optics Easy to use Auto-exposure function

  • Adjustable polarized lighting for D Scope EFI

  • Intuitive Blink software with Deep Learning analysis

  • Compatible with desktop PC, laptop, tablet PC


Dscope EFI Image.JPG
  • Deep Learning AI to define whether the connector is clean or should be reprocessed

  • Cost Effective Analysis for Ferrule Surface and Guide-Pin Hole Cleanliness

  • All adaptors accept both PC and APC connectors or ferrules

  • x50 Magnification for Full-Ferrule View

D Scope EFI
Ordering Guide


Part Number  Description

70-DSEF-V1-N01-00  D Scope EFI unit with Blink Cleanliness Inspection


Part Number  Description

30-AD-002248  MT adapter M/F, PC/APC, 12/24 and 16/32 fibers

30-AD-002249  MPO adapter M/F, PC/APC, 12/24 fibers

30-AD-002240  HMFOC adapter Jack, PC/APC

30-AD-002247  HMFOC adapter Plug, PC/APC

Deep Learning Inside.

Artificial intelligence at the service of diagnostics

Deep Learning is a family of software that belongs to Machine Learning, itself belonging to artificial intelligence. Deep Learning software learns from a set of representative samples and then diagnoses your product using taught criteria. This continuous learning process is carried out by Data-Pixel using images of characterized defects and scratches.
With Blink Automated Inspection plugin, the D Scope is able to detect and measure cleanliness with customized parameters.

Blink Visual Single Fiber.jpg

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