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3D Scope-V2


Specifically designed for use in a production environment, 3D Scope-V2 is a robust, compact and easy to use interferometer that brings speed and precision to operators.  3D Scope-V2 supports our Blink software platform. Non-compressed, real time and high quality images are transferred from the hardware to the software via a USB 2.0 link in addition to the automation and control commands.  The 3D Scope-V2 interferometer is fully compliant with Industry Standards.


3D Scope V2.png
  • Measurement of PC and APC connectors, ferrules and bare fibers

  • Lightning speed measurement cycle (0.5 sec)

  • PASS/FAIL result visual feedback via front panel start-button LED color

  • Integrated PC/APC tilt stage, no APEX re-calibration required

  • True phase-shifting interferometer

  • Vibration insensitive Autofocus option

  • Compliance with Industry Standards for Interferometer Measurements

  • Intuitive BLINK software, with data-base connectivity

  • Measurement report in HTML format

  • Compatible with desktop PC, laptop, tablet PC


Blink 3D Scope-V2.jpg
  • Robust and Cost Effective design for mass production

  • Autofocus and Manual focus models are available

  • With the Blink software, operators have the easiest way to produce customized control reports.

  • Blink is a software platform common to all Data-Pixel products. Dedicated plugins support the Interferometry range of products : 3D Scope-V2, Daisi-V3,DAFFI SF, DAFFI MT, DAISI MT FP and DAISI MT-V3

  • PDF, HTML and CSV reporting capability with extensive database support (SQL Server, MySQL, ODBC, ORACLE,…)

  • OLE automation support is available for dedicated application

3D Scope-V2
Ordering Guide


Part Number  Description

70-3DSF-V2-M10-00 3D Scope-V2 unit with Manual focus and Blink interferometry

70-3DSF-V2-A10-00  3D Scope-V2 unit with Autofocus and Blink interferometry


Part Number  Description

30-FL-001247  Flange 1.25mm

30-FL-002005  Flange 1.25 mm LC Duplex

30-FL-002946  Flange 1.60mm

30-FL-001839  Flange 2.00 mm

30-FL-001248  Flange 2.50 mm

30-FL-001966  Flange 3.17 mm (SMA)

40-FL-001589  Flange/Holder for bare fiber

10-AD-001013  Adapter 1.25mm LC

30-AD-001591  Adapter 1.25mm LC Duplex Standard (Other Types Available)

10-AD-000555  Adapter 1.25mm MU

10-AD-000552  Adapter 2.50mm SC

10-AD-000554  Adapter 2.50mm FC Narrow

10-AD-000553  Adapter 2.50mm FC Wide

10-AD-000408  Adapter 2.50mm E2000

Don't see what you need?  Please inquire.  There are many more available adaptors for specialty applications.

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