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1Cure Evolve-MT

Single Fiber Benchtop Cleaver (Pre-Polish)

Connected Fibers introduces the 1Cure Evolve-MT™ epoxy fill system for MT ferrule applications. Process Evolution begins with a hands free operation and for the first time a ground-breaking integration of dispenser and vacuum function. No external air line is required to dispense epoxy. This timed feature allows for a repeatable and controlled process by which the epoxy bead size and wetting is even across all fibers. The system can also be used as a dispenser only for single fiber connectors and is fully mobile since no external air line is required.


  • Activates Dispenser and Vacuum successively

  • Foot pedal or Button operation

  • Hand-free Vacuum Pump Fitting

  • No External Air Line Required


    For Use with Connected Fibers Brand Piranha PE 353ND, 2-Part Epoxy

  • 3" LCD Touch Screen

  • MT Tray Capacity 6

  • Programs 9

  • Adjustable Viscosity Profiles  9

  • Power 100~240 VAC Universal Adapter, 12 VDC 2 Amps

  • Dimensions  15" H x  18" W x  8" D

  • Weight  15 lbs


  • Simple operation integrates epoxy dispensing with vacuum for MT ferrules

  • Digital Timed operation for a Repeatable and Controlled Process

  • Allows the operator to work simply and hands free operation with foot pedal

  • Portability for line flexibility

  • Separate controls for Dispensing Timer and Vacuum Timer

  • Dial in the Pressure and Vacuum Adjustment

  • Vacuum auto-start after dispensing complete

  • Dispenser can also be used Independently from vacuum

1Cure Evolve-MT 
Ordering Guide


Part Number  Description

11Cure Evolve-MT   Epoxy Fill System includes main body, Vacuum /Dispenser Dual Controller, Foot-Pedal ASC-300- 00A015, MT Fixture Tip, Stand, and Hose Assembly, Universal 100V-240V Power Adaptor


Part Number  Description

ASC-300-00A015  Foot Pedal for hands free operation to actuate the dispenser and vacuum process.

E-MT-VRS  Vacuum Receptacle Stand, Ergonomic stand for holding the MT Ferrule Receptacle

E-MT-VHA  Replacement Hose for connection between ferrule adapter and vacuum

SBA03BK  Replacement barrel adapter assembly including adapter and hose 

400025-01  Replacement Nozzle - Vacuum Pump Kit, one piece

Made in the USA

The 1Cure-Evolve Series of Dispensers is Designed and Manufactured by Connected FIbers at our facility in Roswell, a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia.

1Cure-Evolve-MT™ is a Trade Mark of Connected Fibers, LLC.

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