Ready, Test, Go. Connected Fibers specializes in the custom loading of patch panels and splice enclosures enclosures. Our vertically integrated products use the most high quality and cost effective products available in the market. Save critical time and money by having us ready the product for installation, fully tested. Loading an enclosure in a lab environment is critical to ensuring that the connections are clean and performing to specification. It also provides the technician a much simpler task for installation. We inspect and test all cables before and after loading. This turnkey solution is provided with certified test data for each port ensuring the field tech can be confident with the performance. Each enclosure is carefully organized and planned so that the splicing process is as simple and time effective as possible.

Fully Loaded Enclosures


Insertion Loss / Return Loss Testing

End-Face Inspection for Scratches or Defects

Each Port Cleaned After Installation

Cable Carefully Managed and Secured

Continuity Tested to Check for Micro Bending or Fiber Breaks

Splice Trays Carefully Organized & Fiber Ends Labeled

Ports are Labeled & Easily Correlated to the Pigtail for Splicing

Many Wall Mount and Rack Mount Configurations Available

High Grade Steel and Aluminum Construction

Complete Family of Low to High Density Solutions

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