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Inspection Scope

The benchtop CS Inspection Scopes utilize coaxial illumination to provide users with a critical view of fine scratches ideal for post polish, component assembly and QC inspection of fiber connectors.

This cost effective, manual microscope is an ideal pairing at your return loss measurement station.  Before return loss measurement recommended to clean both the DUT and the MTJ before mating and test.  This scope is ideal for just a quick check of end-face cleanliness.


  • Clear display

  • Interchangeable adapters

  • Economical

  • 200x or 400x magnification


  • Ideal for Pairing for Return Loss Work Station

  • Quick Cleanliness Check of End-Face

  • Video Monitor Included

  • 2.5 mm universal adapter Included

Ordering Guide


Part Number  Description

CS200K-CM  200x Magnification

CS400K-CM  400x Magnification


Part Number  Description

CS-CM  Centering mechanism upgrade kit

CS4-MTPA  MTP/APC adapter

CS4-MTPU  MTP/PC adapter

CS4-MTU  MT/PC adaptet

CS4-U125  1.25mm universal adapter

CS4-U25  2.5mm universal adapter 

CS4-LCD  Video monitor

CS Electrical-Optical Specifications.JPG

Connected Fibers is an Authorized North American Reseller

Established in 2002, JGR has steadily grown to meet the test and measurement demands of the communications market. We have built strong relationships with our customers and are the #1 supplier of cable assembly test equipment to key industry players worldwide. JGR’s headquarters and fiberoptic production facility is located in Ottawa, Canada.

In 2021, JGR became a subsidiary of Santec Corporation, a Japanese company founded in 1979 known for high end optical instruments such as tunable lasers, tunable filters, swept test systems and PER meters.

For more info about JGR Optics please visit to learn more about their company and products.

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