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Single Fiber Testing Platform

The BR1 Backreflection Meter is a user-friendly instrument developed with extremely stable optics for precise measurement of backreflection, insertion loss and power. The BR1 features up to four built-in laser sources at wavelengths of 850, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550, 1625 or 1650 nm (depending on fiber type). Custom sources and fiber types available upon request.


  • Single Mode and Multi-mode units available

  • Custom Core Sizes available

  • Custom Wavelengths available

  • Up to 4 internal lasers

  • BR range down to -85 dB

  • Touch Screen

  • User Friendly


  • The BR1 is capable of ultra-stable Insertion Loss (IL), Power, and Backreflection (BR) measurements 

  • BR accuracy of ±0.4 dB and an IL accuracy of ± 0.03 dB

  • Ideal for measuring patch cords or components less than 3 meters in length

  • Free GMS software to help automate test configurations, data logging, and report generation

  • Multimode version of the BR1 complies with the Encircled Flux launch conditions outlined in IEC 61280-4-1 and TIA/EIA 526-14-B

BR1 Optical-Electrical Specifications.JPG

GMS Software

The meter may be controlled through remote interface (USB or Ethernet) or locally via the user-friendly touch screen display. The free, production friendly, GMS Software allows the user to configure test profiles, manage test sequences, and export results to preconfigured templates.

GMS Software.JPG

Featured Slide Detector Adapters

Simplex and Multifiber Adapters are Available



Part Number, Description

SD18, LC Simplex Detector Adapter

SD34, LC Duplex Detector Adapter


Part Number, Description

SD03, SC Detector Adapter

Universal 2.5mm

Part Number, Description

SD16, Universal 2.5mm Detector Adapter (FC/SC/ST/DIN)

Universal 1.25mm

Part Number, Description

SD04, Universal 1.25mm Detector Adapter (LC/MU)


Part Number, Description

SD12, MT Ferrule Detector Adapter

SD17, MPO Detector Adapter

Stand and Mounting Options


Pair with an Inspection Scope

Fast End-Face Check Prior to Test

The benchtop CS Inspection Scopes utilize coaxial illumination to provide users with a critical view of fine scratches ideal for post polish, component assembly and QC inspection of fiber connectors. The CS Inspection Scope is available in 200x or 400x magnification. The workstation includes a video microscope, video monitor and universal adapters for 2.5 and 1.25 mm ferrules.


Connected Fibers is an Authorized North American Reseller

Established in 2002, JGR has steadily grown to meet the test and measurement demands of the communications market. We have built strong relationships with our customers and are the #1 supplier of cable assembly test equipment to key industry players worldwide. JGR’s headquarters and fiberoptic production facility is located in Ottawa, Canada.

In 2021, JGR became a subsidiary of Santec Corporation, a Japanese company founded in 1979 known for high end optical instruments such as tunable lasers, tunable filters, swept test systems and PER meters.

For more info about JGR Optics please visit to learn more about their company and products.

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