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Optical Switch

The SX1 Optical Switch is a customizable benchtop/rackmount instrument ideal for high-volume manufacturing production testing. Available in single- mode or multimode, the switch configurations range from 1x2 up to 1x400. Optional 2x1 or 4x1 built-in switches can provide additional common inputs.  Pair with RL1 for multi-fiber testing


SX-1 -  0.png
  • Benchtop 2U or Rackmount 2U, 3U, and 6U

  • Low IL < 0.7dB

  • ± 0.005dB repeatability

  • Up to 400 outputs

  • Chassis modular

  • Customization available

  • The 3U chassis can contain up to 185 bulkheads

  • Larger channel counts move to a 6U chassis


SX-1 -  180.png
  • Ideal for testing MPO and Multi-fiber Assemblies

  • A variety of configuration options offers additional flexibility

  • The front panel bulkheads can be fitted with FC, SC or LC connector types 

  • High-volume production testing

  • Multiple device testing

  • Test automation

  • Pair with RL1 for multi-fiber testing

Multi-Fiber Testing with the SX1

Chassis Modular, the RL1 automated return loss meter can be connected directly to an additional SX1 switch for multi-fiber testing. The RL1 takes full control of the switch, automating measurements while storing all references and results. If desired, a second SX1 switch can be connected to measure insertion loss, return loss, and verify mapping of multi-fiber connectors or complex assemblies.

RL-1 w SX-1  - 45.png

XN1 Expandable Network Software

The XN1 expandable Network is designed with reliability and ease of use as top priorities. It is a single server which all XN1 ready devices or software can communicate with to create test plans, store results or print labels.

SX1 Optical-Electrical Specifications.JPG

Optional Equipment


Stand and Mounting Options


Connected Fibers is an Authorized North American Reseller

Established in 2002, JGR has steadily grown to meet the test and measurement demands of the communications market. We have built strong relationships with our customers and are the #1 supplier of cable assembly test equipment to key industry players worldwide. JGR’s headquarters and fiberoptic production facility is located in Ottawa, Canada.

In 2021, JGR became a subsidiary of Santec Corporation, a Japanese company founded in 1979 known for high end optical instruments such as tunable lasers, tunable filters, swept test systems and PER meters.

For more info about JGR Optics please visit to learn more about their company and products.

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