Polishing Equipment

  • Mass Production Polishing Machines

  • Polishing Fixtures

  • MT Polishing Systems

  • Portable & Low Volume Polishers

 Cleaning Products

  • USConec and Seikoh Giken Cleaners

  • Wipes and Swabs

  • Benchtop Patchcord Cleaners

Insertion & Return Loss


  • Multimode Insertion Loss

  • Singlemode Insertion Loss

  • Multichannel Insertion Loss

  • Multimode Insertion/Return Loss

  • Singlemode Insertion/Return  Loss

  • Multichannel Insertion/Return  Loss

Encircled Flux Measurements

  • Real-time measurement of Encircled Flux

  • Source and patchcord characterization for IEC 11801 LAN testing

Polishing Consummables 

  • Diamond Polishing Films

  • Silicon Carbide & Aluminium Oxide Films

  • Silicon Dioxide Final Polish Films

  • Polishing Pads

 Laser Cleavers

  • Laser Cleaver for Simplex Connectors

  • Laser Cleaver for MT Ferrules

  • Laser Cleaver for PRIZM® Light Turn® Connector


  • Single Fiber DAISI Interferometer

  • MPO and Single Fiber DAISI MT interferometer

  • Low cost compact portable 3D-Scope Interferometer

Epoxy Curing Ovens

  • Curing ovens and blocks

  • Cable stand for fiber management

Microscopes and Scratch Detection

  • D-Scope high quality microscope for simplex and MPO style connectors

  • D-Scope with automated realtime surface defect anlysis using the BLINK software 

Concentricity & Tuning

  • Concentricity measurements on bare ferrules

  • Patchcord concentricity  and tuning of assembled patchcords

Multimode Launch Conditioners 

  • Ensure stable launch conditions for multimode fiber measurements

  • Meet EF requirements of IEC 61280-4-1 OR 85/85 launch conditions

PRIZM® Light Turn® Connector is a registered trademark of US Conec

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