The New PM ALIGNER from Data-pixel will enable you to accurately mechanically align the stress elements of a PANDA Polarization-Maintaining fiber with the key of the connector.

It features an exceptional long working distance offering the operator a spacious workspace between the optical measuring head and the connector endface. This allows easy access for the operator to rotate and lock the connector components to accurately align the stress rods  . The combination of the Data-Pixel Blink-PM software and PM ALIGNER will measure the angular alignment of the stress elements in real-time allowing the operator to rapidly position them to the required angular position.

PM Aligner

  • Features & BenefitsAutomatic measurement of the orientation of PM fibers’ strain elements

  • Specific back lighting is not required

  • Precise, fast, robust measurements

  • Measurement very resilient to lighting and contrast variations

  • Real-time measurement (25 measurements per sec)

  • Easy user calibration

  • Autofocus module option available

  • HTML reports for reduced file size

  • Export to database

  • Software automation for system integration

Features & Benefits

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