New Products​

Connected Fibers is excited to be able to offer these latest technology products to keep your manufacturing at the leading edge in efficiency and performance.

Data-Pixel Interferometers

Data-Pixel will releases 2 new interferometers at OFC 2014. These new systems will be very competitively priced reducing the ROI time significantly. 

They offer a lightning speed measurement cycle of 0.5 seconds for SF connectors and 5 seconds for MT 12 fiber connectors. The integrated PC/APC tilt stage requires no apex re-calibration when switching between PC and APC connectors. Autofocus is an available option and the system will be compatible with the existing high quality DAISI APC adaptors. The new ferrule clutch design on the 3D-Scope will offer an increased life-time. The measurement can be started by pressing the start button on the front panel. PASS/FAIL result is also provided by a visual feedback via the front panel button LED color.

Optek Laser Cleaver

OpTek’s proprietary LaserCleave™ process cuts close to the ferrule end face eliminating many steps in the traditional scribe/de-nub process. Completion of the process is achieved with just a 1um diamond and finishing film, saving on materials, time and equipment while improving your first pass yield.

With the elimination of operator variability in scribing, coupled with the dramatic savings in consumable and labor costs, the LaserCleave™ system offers the compelling return on investment considering its benefits of cost savings, increased throughput and overall process improvement.

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Seikoh Giken MT Polishing
Connected Fibers OASIS cleaning station

The O.A.S.I.S. (Optical Air Spray Integrated System) Cleaning Workstation by Connected Fibers was designed to ease the process of cleaning polishing fixtures and pads in-between polishing steps.   Add flexibility and cleanliness to your production floor by eliminating expensive plumbing or the use of trash receptacles to collect water.  Reduce worker fatigue with the ergonomic positioning and keep your workspace free and clear from clutter.  

 The system was designed at an ergonomic height for optimum pairing with the polishing machine.  Equipped with a cable management arm for easy sliding of cables from machine to cleaning, it also has a convenient polishing pad shelf, and drain with 5 gallon reservoir to collect water and polishing waste. 

Improves cleaning by preventing cross-contamination of materials during polishing cycles, greatly reducing rework.  Protects nearby equipment and flooring from water damage and air blown debris.


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O.A.S.I.S. Video

Seikoh Giken’s Mass Production MT solution, polisher fixture technology, continue to set the industry standard benchmark for superior results and maximum yield for today’s high-output production facilities.

Equipped with new center pressure module to achieve maximum performance results for MT polishing.  The module can be retrofitted onto any standard SFP-550 system, drastically reducing your initial investment.  

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