MS12001 Cable Assembly Test System


The MS12001 Cable Assembly Test System provides the most accurate mandrel-free insertion loss and reflectance measurement in the industry for both, cable assemblies and components. The MS12001 includes one or several loss test module (MS12) and user-friendly turnkey software that manages all test sequences, the database and the results. Optional optical switches can be added for automated testing of multifiber and/or hybrid cable assembly.

The MS12 loss test modules combine advanced time-domain technology with a unique wide-aperture integrating cavity. An internal monitoring channel and a reflectance reference are used to provide highly accurate insertion loss and reflectance measurements even for APC connectors which are well known to be difficult to test. The MS12 modules use an internal monitoring channel to ensure IL measurement accuracy and an internal reflectance reference to improve single-mode and multimode reflectance measurement performance.

  • Component testing

  • Ribbon fiber testing

  • Simultaneous testing with multiple connector types

Key Features
  • Mandrel free IL/RL

  • Local / Remote database

  • Turn-key software


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