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Ergonomic Fiber Optic Stripper

Made with preset factory settings and no adjustments required. This fiber optic stripper is designed to strip 180 μm buffer coating to expose the 125 μm optical fiber in fiber optic cables.

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JIC-180 Features.JPG
  • Cut Type:  Strip

  • Cable Type:  Fiber Optic

  • Strip Diameter:  180 micron

  • Handle Color:  Yellow

  • Handle Grip Material:  TPR Thermoplastic Rubber

  • Length:  6" (152 mm)

  • Weight:  0.305 lb (138.35 g)


JIC-180 Close UP.JPG
  • Cost Effective

  • Used for stripping the 180 micron coating down to the 125 micron optical fiber

  • Blades are ground and hardened for even longer life

  • Ergonomic plastic-dipped handles are comfortable and easy to use

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Part Number  Description

JIC-180C   180um acrylate to 125um cladding fiber optic stripper

Connected Fibers is an Authorized North American Reseller

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