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Very Small Form Factor Connector Fixtures

Fixtures for Very Small Form Factor (VSFF) Connectors for Next Generation 400G Data-Center applications.

Seikoh Giken’s offers technology forward solutions for today's most stringent requirements and form factors.   The next generation interconnect for Hyperscale Data Center demands precision pressure control and fixture technology to ensure the most stringent end-face specifications can be met along with a robust polishing process and quality polishing film material for a reliable and repeatable process.  The VSSF Fixtures are used in combination with the SFP-560A series' Dynamic Pressure Control.

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  • VSFF Connectors includes the  USConec’s ELiMENT™ brand MDC connector, and Senko's CS® and SN® Connectors

  • Available only for use with the SFP-560A Series Polishers with Dynamic Pressure Control

  • PC and APC Fixtures are Available

  • Heat-Treated Stainless Steel Fixtures for Precision and Durability


  • High First Pass Yield

  • Cost effective and proven polishing processes are easy to follow and easy to clean

  • Polish up to 48 axis (24 Duplex Connectors) per load to reduce time and costs

  • Precision polishing to GR-326 end-face specifications

  • Polishing Handles and Wash station available

VSSF Connector Fixtures
Ordering Guide


Part Number  Description

Senko CS ® and SN ®

PH55-CS-24  CS/PC, 24 Axis, I.P.C. Type

PH55-CS8A-24  CS/APC, 24 Axis, I.P.C. Type

PH55-SN-24  SN/PC, 24 Axis, I.P.C. Type

PH55-SN8A-24  SN/APC, 24 Axis, I.P.C. Type

PH55-F0420-900  CS and SN Ferrule only, 64-axis (32 duplex fibers), IPC spring type w/ cable management holder

PH55-F0423-700  CS and SN Ferrule only, 48-axis (24 duplex fibers), IPC spring type w/ cable management holder

PH55-F0420-910  CS and SN Ferrule only, 24-axis (12 duplex fibers), IPC spring type w/ cable management holder

USconec ELiMENT™ brand MDC

PH55-MDC-12  MDC/PC, 12 Axis, I.P.C. Type

PH55-MDC-24  MDC/PC, 24 positions, I.P.C. Type

PH55-MDC-48   MDC/PC, 48 positions, I.P.C. Type

PH55-MDC8A-12  MDC/APC, 12 positions, I.P.C. Type

PH55-MDC8A-24  MDC/APC, 24 positions, I.P.C. Type

PH55-MDCJR-24  MDC-JR/PC, 24 Positions, I.P.C. Type

PH55-MDCJR-24FX  MDC-JR/PC, 24 Positions, Fixed Type (SFP-560A DPC Mode)

PH55-MDCJR8A-24  MDC-JR/APC, 24 Positions, I.P.C. Type

PH55-MDCJR8A-24FX  MDC-JR/APC, 24 Positions, Fixed Type (SFP-560A DPC Mode)


Part Number  Description

IPC-P-H-55  Handles for SFP-550 Series Polishing Fixtures

MT-P-WH-55  Wide Handle for MT and IPC Holders for the SFP-560A series Polisher Wash Station

ELiMENT™ is a trademark of USConec.  For more information on their company and products please visit

CS ® is a  Registered  Trademark of  Senko Advanced  Components,  Inc.  2018 ‐2020  ©  All Rights  Reserved.  

SN ® is a  Registered  Trademark of  Senko Advanced  Components,  Inc.  2019 ‐2020  ©  All Rights  Reserved 

For more information on their company and products please visit

Optical connector polishing equipment brought to market by Seikoh Giken in the second half of the 1980s ahead of everyone else in the world has enjoyed steady good sales growth with positive feedback from customers around the globe, thanks also to tailwinds from the expansion of optical telecommunications market. Today, this equipment enjoys the largest global market share as the world’s de facto standard.

To learn more about Seikoh Giken and their products visit for more information.

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