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1Cure Accessories

Curing Oven Trays, Blocks and Cable Management

Connected Fibers provides a full range of accessories for a wide range of applications.  Our list of blocks, trays and cable management is ever expanding to accommodate customer requirements.  We offer solutions for curing standard telecom and data center connectors to specialty solutions for military, avionics, aerospace, broadcast, medical, oil/gas, and industrial applications.  From MPO to harsh environment we will find you a standard or custom solution.

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Curing Blocks

Curing Fixtures_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Curing Trays


Cable Management

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Made in the USA

The 1Cure Series of Ovens is Designed and Manufactured by Connected FIbers at our facility in Roswell, a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia.

1Cure™, 1Cure VO™, 1Cure VS™, 1Cure VI™ and 1Cure TSC™ are Trade Marks of Connected Fibers, LLC.

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