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JGR offers free software for use with all of their test and measurement platforms.  The latest Cable Assembly Test and XN1 Server software streamline test stations utilized for mass production.  For continuous wavelength systems they offer their legacy GMS software.

Cable Assembly Test Softare.png

Cable Assembly Test Software

This software to be released soon.  Check back for updates.  The Cable Assembly Test Software will provide an user friendly and intuitive software for each RL1, PT1 and SX1 Workstation to pull test plans from XN1 server and facilitate the operators ability to run the testing sequence.  The test results will be pushed to the server.  Fields are entirely customizable to add information such as operator, work order, and serial number.

XN1 software.png

Expandable Network

The XN1 expandable Network is designed with reliability and ease of use as top priorities. It is a single server which all XN1 ready devices or software can communicate with to create test plans, store results or print labels.  The XN1 is ideal production facilities with multiple lines and allows the administrators to access from any PC to write or edit test plans or access customer data.

PTS screen shot.JPG


The PTS software allows for automated control your JGR polarity testers through an easy to use dedicated Windows application.

GMS software.png


The GMS Generic Measurement Software is easy to use software designed to work with almost all of JGR’s products for full test customization.

Connected Fibers is an Authorized North American Reseller

Established in 2002, JGR has steadily grown to meet the test and measurement demands of the communications market. We have built strong relationships with our customers and are the #1 supplier of cable assembly test equipment to key industry players worldwide. JGR’s headquarters and fiberoptic production facility is located in Ottawa, Canada.

In 2021, JGR became a subsidiary of Santec Corporation, a Japanese company founded in 1979 known for high end optical instruments such as tunable lasers, tunable filters, swept test systems and PER meters.

For more info about JGR Optics please visit to learn more about their company and products.

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