Based on the design and philosophy which made the DAISI a success, the DAISI-MT  includes both a white and red ight source, to perform  measurements of end-face geometry of multi-fiber ferrules  and single-fiber connectors on the same system. Its revolutionary design makes it ideal for the use in the production environment as well as field applications. Non-compressed, real time and high quality images are transferred from the hardware to the software via a USB2.0 high speed link at speeds up to 100 images per second in addition to the automation and control commands. DAISI-MT is portable and can be interfaced to laptop or desktop computers. All calibration steps are automated and embedded into a user-friendly software interface in order to yield error-free and reliable measurements. 

A White-Light interferometer mechanical and electronic design is more challenging than a Red-Light (monochromatic) interferometer’ design. The whole optical system must be translated over many microns with nanometric precision and in a perfectly linear fashion.DAISI-MT system does just that: based on a 30 microns stroke closed-loop piezoelectric transducer, the surface is quickly and precisely  scanned in less than 10 seconds.


Features & Benefits
  • Single unit for measurement of most types of Single-fiber and Multi-fiber ferrules (MT-X, MPO, Mini-MT (MT-RJ), etc.) PC and APC.

  • Measure up to 100 fibers in a single scan with DAISI-MT mega-pixel high resolution camera.

  • Combined White-Light and Red-Light phase-shifting interferometer.

  • Vibration insensitive. No specific isolation table required.

  • Closed-loop high precision 30 microns Z scanning range.

  • Non-contact measurement.

  • Rapid autofocus.

  • One button easy operation.

  • Servo-controlled reference mirror for automatic Apex calibration.

  • No exterior moving parts or adjustment screw -> No apex de-calibration.

  • Easy and fast switching from PC to APC, no change of ferrule holder required.

  • Connector key adapters for most connector types. Special design provides easy loading feature.

  • Fast and automated measurement of endface parameters as required by standards.

  • Accurate and repeatable measurements.

  • Interfaceable to laptop computers, only one USB2.0 link required.

  • Compliance with Industry Standards for Interferometer Measurements

  • High resolution 2D & 3D surface profiles

  • Measurement Report and History Report in Excel


Download data sheet



Repeatability / Reproducibility


Radius (mm)                                              

1% / 3%

 1 to flat

X & Y angles (°)

0.002 / 0.02

 ±1° deviation from 0°(PC) or 8°(APC)

Fiber Height (nm) 

0.005 / 0.015 

up to 20

Measurement Speed


8sec. for a 12 fibers ferrule

AutoFocus Speed



Field of View


configurable 3.2 x 2.5mm max.

Lateral Resolution


configurable 2.5µm max.



white and red (632nm) LED



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