PDL5 PDL/IL/BR Multimeter


The PDL5 PDL/IL/BR Multimeter is built on top of stable and proven MBR5 meter technology and is taken to the next level. Improved source isolation, electronics and optics bring ultra-high stability and continuous laser power referencing to allow for repeatable and stable measurements of PDL, IL and average loss with up to 0.001 dB as well as backreflection with 0.1 dB resolution.

Available with up to 4 internal sources (1310/1490/1550/1625 nm), up to 8 output channels, or up to 8 detectors, the PDL5 PDL/IL/BR Multimeter is a practical choice for many fiber optical component testing.

  • Optical Component Testing

  • Incoming Inspection

  • QA Testing

Key Features
  • Ultra Stable and Accurate PDL, IL, avg. loss & BR measurements

  • Up to 4 Internal Lasers

  • Up to 8 Output Channels

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