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The ATP-3200 offers scalability and flexibility perfect for a lab with a high product mix and low to high product volumes.  Also ideal for minimizing investment on new product introductions by having a modular system that is scalable.  The unique jig base system accommodates up to 24 inserts and you can populate with 1 to 24 connectors.  You may also mix and match inserts on the same jig which is ideal for rework, laboratory use or with a pilot line.  Each connector type must be polished with its own specific process, however, you will have flexibility to start with one or two inserts for a particular connector for either experimentation or new product introduction.  As volume increases you can add inserts of each connector type in order to scale accordingly.

In the ATP polisher series the polishing tracks are unique for each connector, so even if there was some foreign material on the film, there is no adverse affect on the other connectors. With our individual polishing track mechanism, the external quality of the connector end face produced provides a very high percentage first pass rate.



  • Polishes 1 to 24 Connectors or Ferrules Using Independently Spring Pressured Inserts.

  • Modular Jig Base and Connector Insert System

  • RS232 interface for programming

  • Fixtures for MT,SC,LC,ST,FC,MU are available

  • 3 or 4 step processes

  • Individualized Polishing Track and Stroke Length for different connector and ferrule types


  • Scalable 1 to 24 inserts per jig up to 48 inserts

  • Flexibible

  • 96 duplex connector capacity

  • Programmable

  • High First Pass Yield

  • Low Cost

  • Compact size

  • Low maintenance


  • MT and MTRJ polishing

  • Standard Single Fiber Connectors

  • Fiber Arrays

  • Fiber Optic Production


Part Number:  ATP3200-X01

ATP-3200 main body unit


  • Application   Mass Production, Re-work, Qualification

  • Applicable Types   FC, SC, LC, MU, MT, MTP/MPO, MTRJ, Termini, Glass Ferrules, Custom

  • Capacity Scalable Up to 24 inserts per jig, 48 in total

  • Polishing Method/Speed  0 to 270rpm Rotation 10 to 600sec per one cycle back and forward (US Patent #20130331008A1)

  • Platen Size   140mm x 140mm (5.5in square)

  • Dimensions  12”w x 17”d x 11 1/2”h (in)

  • Weight  55 lbs

  • Power  AC Adapter 100 to 240v, 150w

  • Process  3 Steps for UPC; 4 Steps for APC  

Featured Polishing Jig Base and Inserts


Jig Base 24

Part Number:  ATP3200-AZ00

Jig Base 22

Part Number:  ATP3000-AZ00

SC/PC Ferrule Attachment

Part Number:  ATP3000-AZ01

FC/PC Plug Attachment

Part Number:  ATP3000-AZ02

Part Number:  MT Ferrule Attachment

Part Number:  ATP3000-AZ03

FC/APC-C Plug Attachment

Part Number:  ATP3000-AZ10

Φ2.5mm V-groove Attachment

Part Number:  ATP3000-AZ14

Φ1.25mm V-groove Attachment

Part Number:  ATP3000-AZ15

Featured Polishing Films


AAS CE Film(1um,A)

Part Number: AAS-CE01A-R140-12

AAS Diamond Film(1um)

Part Number: AAS-DM01-R140-12

AAS Diamond Film(3um)

Part Number: AAS-DM03-R140-12

AAS GC Film (0.5um,A)

Part Number: AAS-GC.5A-R140-12

AAS GC Film (3um,A)

Part Number: AAS-GC03A-R140-12

Featured Polishing Pads


Framed rubber pad 65


Framed rubber pad 70


Framed rubber pad 75


Framed rubber pad 80


Framed rubber pad 85


The optical network supports rapidly increasing communication throughout the world. And architecture and maintaining tools that support the optical network are NTT-AT's products. 

To learn more about NTT-AT and their products please visit for more information.

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