3D-Scope V2

The 3D-Scope v2 is the latest interferometer to be released by Data-Pixel for the use in a production environment. It was designed with speed, precision, simplicity, robustness and cost in mind. Non-compressed, real time and high quality images are transfered from the hardware to the software via a USB2.0 high speed link in addition to the automation and control commands.

3DScope v2 is portable and can be interfaced to laptop or desktop computers through one single USB link only (including power).All calibration steps are automated and embedded into a user-friendly software interface in order to yield error-free and reliable measurements.



  • Single unit for measurement of single-fiber, PC and APC ferrules, connectors and bare fibers

  • Non-contact measurement

  • True phase-shifting interferometer

  • No exterior moving parts or adjustment screw -> No apex decalibration

  • Completely vibration insensitive. Measure while holding system in hand

  • Connector key adaptors for most connector types

  • Fast and automated measurement of radius, apex offset, fiber height + more

  • Accurate and repeatable measurements

  • Interfaceable to laptop computers, only one USB2.0 link required, including power

  • Low power requirements; can be used on battery-operated laptop in the field

  • Compliance with Industry Standards for Interferometer Measurements

  • Measure angle of cleaving of bare fibers with great precision

  • High resolution 2D & 3D surface profiles

  • Data can be exported to a database such as SQL

  • Reports are exported as HTML file

  • Measure Fiber and Ferrule Roughness (Sq parameter)

  • Low cost!






        Repeatability / Reproducibility


Radius (mm)

         ±0.2% / ±0.4%

   3 to flat

Apex Offset (um)

         ±0.7 / ±1.5

    0 to 500

Fiber Height (mm)       

         ±1.5 / ±2


Fiber Cleave Angle (°)

         ± 0.03°

    0 to 12°

Measurement Speed (sec.)









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