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Connected Fibers introduces the newest addition to the 1Cure series of Intelligent Epoxy Ovens the 1Cure-VO™ (vertical oven). The 1Cure-VO epoxy curing oven is used for bonding fiber optic termini used in telecom, aerospace, medical, and other industrial applications. Up to 9 programs for single or multiple step curing processes allows the user to follow industry best practices to improve cross linking of epoxies and ensure long term reliability of products. This latest offering expands Connected Fibers’ product offering of intelligent curing ovens which now include the flagship model 1CureTM and newly released 1Cure-VO.

1Cure VO: Product

48 Port 1 Cure VO for 110v


96 Port 1Cure VO for 110v


48 Port 1 Cure VO for 220v


96 Port 1Cure VO for 220v


1Cure VO: Press Kit


  • Ramp Step Cure Capable

  • Vertical Curing Applications

  •  Thermocouple in fixture for accurate temperature control

  • 9 Programs with up to 64 steps per program


  • Ramp curing for better epoxy bonding through improved cross-linking

  •  Eliminate Core Cracking on large core fibers

  •  Standardize on one epoxy by utilizing ramp/soak capabilities

  •  Precision PID Temperature Control

  •  High Quality Electronic Components and Durability


  • Cable Assembly Fabrication

  •  Medical Applications

  • Aerospace / Military Terminations

  • Custom Applications

1Cure VO: Press Kit


  • Temperature Range(Hot plate temp) Ambient +5°C to 155°C

  • Temperature Display Resolution 4 digit / 0.1°C

  • Temperature Uniformity +/-2°C

  • Temperature Accuracy +/-2°C

  • Curing Angle 90 Degrees Vertical

  • Capacity 48 ports (24 Block), 60 ports (30 Block)

  • Weight 12.7 Lb (4 Port)

  • Dimensions  4 3/4" H x 9 1/2” W x 12 1/4" D 

  • Output  310W

  • Country of Origin  USA

  • Power  110v or 220v CE Rated

  • Warranty 1 Year Parts/Labor

1Cure VO: Text

Curing Blocks

Don't see what you are looking for here?   Please contact us and let us know about your application. Chances are we have a solution already or we can design one.

Curing Blocks are Sold Separately.     We offer a variety of choices for universal blocks for 2.5mm and 1.25mm ferrules (LC, SC, FC, MU, ST) and others such as Mil/Aero Termini and SMA.  Our blocks are Made in the USA and made of high quality metal composition that holds temperature evenly and provides a very good thermal mass to keep temperatures stable.

1Cure VO: Press Kit

24 Port Curing Block (2 Set)

Part Number: OVB-24-2set

20 Port Curing Block (2 Set)

Part Number: OVT-20-2Set

24 Port Curing Block (4 Set)

Part Number: OVB-24-4set

20 Port Curing Block (4 Set)

Part Number: OVT-20-4Set

Cable Management Arm

Includes Heavy Duty Base

The cable arm pairs perfectly with all 1Cure models. Made from steel for durability and stability. Additional retainer bars can be purchased separately.  The heavy base allows for the stable and rigid handling of even heavier cables.  This freestanding cable arm is designed for the base to fit underneath any AccuCure and 1Cure oven and allow for easy routing of cables.


Cable Management Arm


Heavy Duty Base

1Cure VO: Press Kit
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Made in the USA

The 1Cure Series of Ovens is Designed and Manufactured by Connected FIbers at our facility in Roswell, a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia.

1Cure™, 1Cure VO™, 1Cure VS™, 1Cure VI™ and 1Cure TSC™ are Trade Marks of Connected Fibers, LLC.

1Cure VO: Welcome
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