The industry’s first integrated dispenser and vacuum pump for pre-fill of MT ferrules

Connected Fibers introduces the 1Cure Evolve-MT™ epoxy fill system for MT ferrule  applications.   Process Evolution begins with a hands free operation and for the first time a ground-breaking integration of dispenser and vacuum function. No external air line is required to dispense epoxy.  This timed feature allows for a repeatable and controlled process by which the epoxy bead size and wetting is even across all fibers.   The system can also be used as a dispenser only for single fiber connectors and is fully mobile since no external air line is required

Consistent epoxy beads help to dial in polishing times and grit size for a more efficient and repeatable polishing process.   Long term reliability of the bonded ferrule is improved by the vacuum pump drawing the epoxy through the ferrule and evenly distribute the epoxy around the fibers .   A correctly pre-loaded MT ferrule will also prevent core cracking during polishing. 

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