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1Cure Evolve-MT™

Connected Fibers introduces the 1Cure Evolve-MT™ epoxy fill system for MT ferrule applications. Process Evolution begins with a hands free operation and for the first time a ground-breaking integration of dispenser and vacuum function. No external air line is required to dispense epoxy. This timed feature allows for a repeatable and controlled process by which the epoxy bead size and wetting is even across all fibers. The system can also be used as a dispenser only for single fiber connectors and is fully mobile since no external air line is required.



  • Activates Dispenser and Vacuum successively

  • Digital Timed operation for a Repeatable and Controlled Process

  • Foot pedal or Button operation

  • Hand-free Vacuum Pump Fitting

  • No External Air Line Required

  • Portability for line flexibility

  • For Use with Connected Fibers Brand Pirana PE 353ND, 2-Part Epoxy


  • Controlled Processing for Epoxy Fill.

  • Vacuum function ensures the micro holes in an MT ferrule are filled evenly without voids

  • Convenient line operation and handling.

  • Integrates with Industry Standard Epoxy Dispensing needle tip, barrel and syringe with use of barrel adapter assembly

  • Durable and High Quality Electronic Components MADE IN THE USA

  • No airline makes installation easy and flexible

Easy Operation, Adjustable pressure

  • Simple operation integrates epoxy dispensing with vacuum for MT ferrules

  • Separate controls for Dispensing Timer and Vacuum Timer

  • Dial in the Pressure and Vacuum Adjustment

  • Vacuum auto-start after dispensing complete

  • Dispenser can also be used Independently from vacuum


  • Digital Timer 1 to 59 seconds – Vacuum and Dispense Independent

  • Voltage 12V 0.4A (100-240V AC to DC converter included)

  • Operation Button Push or Foot Pedal Operation

  • Country of Origin U.S.A.

  • Warranty 1 year Parts/Labor


1Cure Evolve-MT Main Body Package

Part Number: 1Cure Evolve-MT

Epoxy Fill System includes main body, Vacuum /Dispenser Dual Controller, Foot-Pedal ASC-300- 00A015, MT Fixture Tip, Stand, and Hose Assembly, Universal 100V-240V Power Adaptor

Foot Operation Pedal

Part Number: ASC-300-00A015

Foot Pedal for hands free operation to actuate the dispenser and vacuum process.

MT Fixture Stand

Part Number: E-MT-VRS

Vacuum Receptacle Stand, Ergonomic stand for holding the MT Ferrule Receptacle

Replacement Hose Assembly for Vacuum

Part Number:    E-MT-VHA

Replacement Hose for connection between ferrule adapter and vacuum

Replacement Barrel Adapter Assembly

Part Number: SBA03BK

Replacement barrel adapter assembly including adapter and hose to connect the syringe barrel to dispenser

Replacement MT Nozzle for vacuum


Replacement Nozzle - Vacuum Pump Kit, one piece


Connected Fiber’s Piranha Brand™ of EPO-TEK® 353ND is a two component, 100% solids, heat curing epoxy designed for high temperature applications. Although it will perform continuously at 200°C, it will also tolerate +300-400°C for several hours. EPO-TEK 353ND has excellent resistance to many types of solvents and chemicals and is ideal for bonding fiber optics, glass, ceramics and most plastics. EPO-TEK 353ND is recommended for mass production of most single mode and multimode connector terminations.  This raw material of this epoxy is purchased in bulk for competitive pricing and independently packaged in plastic bi-packs inside of foil packaging for safe storage and handling.


Piranha Brand™ Epo-Tek 353ND, 2 Gram, Bi-Packs

Part Number: PE353ND-2G

Piranha Brand™ Epo-Tek 383ND, 4 Gram, Bi-Packs

Part Number: PE383ND-4G

Piranha Brand™ is a Trade Mark of Connected Fibers, LLC and refers to privately selected and labelled materials with lot traceability to the original manufacturer.

EPO-TEK® 353ND is a Registered Trademark of Epoxy Technology.

Epoxy Technology has premium epoxy solutions for optic- and microelectronic assembly in aerospace and defenseautomotive (and more recently electric vehicles), electronicsenergy productionmedicaloptical and telecom, to name a few. With over 300 commercial formulations to choose from, or creating a custom formulation to fit your specific requirements, they are ready to bond with you at Epoxy Technology.  For more information about Epoxy Technology visit for more information.


Recommended Nordson EFD Components

EFD Optimum® components are designed to work with your dispenser as part of a complete, integrated system that produces the most accurate, repeatable deposits possible.  Connected Fibers recommends these products for the Fiber Optic Cable assembly termination process.

• Adapter assembly
• Syringe barrels
• SmoothFlow™ pistons
• Dispensing tips
• Tip caps and end caps

Adapter Assembly 3cc, Blue, 0.9m Hose

Part Number:   DNEFD7012341

Syringe Barrel and SmoothFlow™ Piston Set, Clear 3cc Barrel, White Piston

Part Number:  DNEFD7012074

Dispensing Tip, 20 Gauge, Pink, 1.5"

Part Number:  DNEFD7018169

Tip Cap, Blue, One Size Fits All

Part Number:  7012198

EFD Optimum® is a Registered Trademark of Nordson EFD.

Nordson EFD is the leading manufacturer of precision fluid dispensing systems. Their dispensers, dispense valves, automated dispensing systems, syringe barrels, and precision dispense tips are trusted for applying controlled amounts of adhesives, sealants, oils, and other high-performance assembly fluids. EFD also offers a complete line of quality ISO 9001 certified solder paste for printing and dispensing.  To learn more visit to view a full listing of their products.​

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Made in the USA

The 1Cure-Evolve Series of Dispensers is Designed and Manufactured by Connected FIbers at our facility in Roswell, a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia.

1Cure-Evolve-MT™ and 1Cure-Evolve-MTII™ are Trade Marks of Connected Fibers, LLC.

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